LUBBOCK, Texas (Feb. 8, 2017) – Following the approval of Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructional materials by the Texas State Board of Education as part of the Proclamation 2017 — Instructional Materials Review and Adoption, CEV Multimedia has released a new resource to help Texas school districts navigate the adoption process and select adopted resources. Approved materials are currently available and will be implemented in classrooms at the start of the 2017-18 school year.

The “blueprint” contains general information about the adoption process, details about instructional materials allotment (IMA) and insights to important changes to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The resource also outlines an adoption timeline and provides steps for reviewing and selecting instructional materials.

“The instructional materials adoption is an important yet complicated process for all educators and school districts in Texas because it only happens once every eight years for CTE subject areas,” said Dusty Moore, president of iCEV. “No matter what materials educators adopt, we want district leaders to be well-informed about the decisions they are making, so that they understand the process and choose materials best suited to their students’ needs.”

To further help CTE educators understand their options, CEV Multimedia is offering free consultations to interested school districts.

Approved by the Texas State Board of Education, 87 courses are available through the iCEV online learning platform and fully align with the new TEKS standards for CTE courses. When a school adopts a course, educators will receive pre-packaged, TEKS-aligned courses and learning materials, automatic testing and grading systems, and interactive lessons that help guide students through their chosen career paths.

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Download the Proclamation 2017 Blueprint

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