Schoology Integration Guide

exclamation-circle-solid.svg Before getting started

NOTE: Student licenses must be purchased to use the external tool.

Please share these system requirements with your Technology department:

Please consider:

  • Multiple internet filters and firewalls.
  • Different settings for wired and wireless technology devices.
  • Software on technology devices that act as an internet filter or firewall.

Things to consider before using the integration

  • Students are automatically registered through the integration.
    • Do not register students through
  • Grades will be visible in both and the Schoology gradebook.
    • The “Highest” scored grade will be passed back to the Schoology gradebook

How to use iCEV in Schoology by Hyperlinking

Hyperlinking does not allow for grade passback between iCEV and Schoology.

  1. Login to
  2. Click the green “View” button on the course that will be hyperlinked
  3. Copy the URL from the address bar
  4. Go into Schoology
  5. Click Add Materials
  6. Click Add File/Link/External Tool
  7. Click Link
  8. Paste the URL into the “Link/URL” field
  9. Type a name into the “Title” field
  10. Click “Add” button


NOTE: This process should be completed by the Schoology Administrator.

  1. Login to Schoology with an Administrator account
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click School Management
  4. Click Integration
  5. Click External Tools
  6. Click Add External Tool Provider
    1. Tool Name: iCEV
    2. Consumer Key: {please contact us for this information}
    3. Shared Secret: {please contact us for this information}
    4. Privacy: Only send Name of user who launches the tool
    5. Configuration Type: Manual
    6. Match By: Domain
    7. Domain/URL:
  7. Click Submit


After the external tool has been setup by the Schoology Administrator; please follow these steps.

If while in you do not see the “Export Common Cartridge” button; please use this resource:

If while in you see the “Export Common Cartridge” button; use the steps directly below:

Step 1 - Export a Lesson from

  1. Go into the lesson
  2. Make certain that the lessons that need to be exported are set to be “Visible to Students” 
  3. Make certain that the assets (assignments, assessments, and resources) that need to be exported are set to be “Visible to Students”
  4. Click Export Common Cartridge
  5. Click Export
  6. The file (common cartridge) will download

Step 2 – Import a lesson into Schoology

Note: This step assumes that the Schoology Administrator has setup the external tool (integration) in Schoology. If they have not, please send the Administrators Section to the Schoology Administrator.

  1. Go to the Schoology Course
  2. Click Resources
  3. Click Dropdown Arrow
  4. Click Import
  5. Click Common Cartridge
  6. Click New Collection
  7. Name the file
  8. Click Attach File
  9. Select the file (common cartridge) that was downloaded
  10. Click Next
  11. Click Transfer History
  12. Wait for Schoology to complete processing the file
    1. Refresh the webpage to see the updated status

Step 3 – Copy the lesson into the course

  1. Click Resources
  2. Go to the imported lesson
  3. Click the Gear
  4. Click Add to Course
  5. Select your course
  6. Go into your course and the imported lesson will appear

Step 4 – Configuring the assignment

  1. Go into the Lesson
  2. Click the gear next to the assignment
  3. Click Edit
  4. Check Enable Grading
  5. Set Point Value
  6. Set Category
  7. Click Save Changes


Lesson Visibility Settings


Assignment Visibility Settings


Student Feedback Options


Attempt Threshold Options



iCEV & Schoology

Schoology is acting strangely what can I do?

Please review this resource:

What does “Error Couldn't retrieve LMS Data.” mean?

This error message appears if the internet or network is running slowly or is unstable.

Step 1
If the student refreshes the browser a few times the error message should go away.

Step 2
If the error message is very persistent; please have the student clear their internet history and cache.

If using an Apple device
Please use this resource to disable “Prevent cross-site tracking” in the Safari browser:

Step 3
If after refreshing and clearing the internet history; the message still appears please verify that third-party cookies are not being blocked.

Will the grade change to match my preferred grading scale?

Yes, Schoology will automatically covert our grade scaling to your grading scale. You control this by the point value assigned to the Schoology external tool assignment.

Some student grades are missing, what can be done?

1.    Have the student go back to the assignment that is missing the grade.

2.    Have the student click the text that says “Summary”.

All student grades are zero (0), what can be done?

Double-check the point value for the Schoology external tool assignment and that the value is something other than zero (0). If it is set to zero (0), set the point value to something different and have the students re-submit the assignment.

After the steps above have been performed; have the students follow the directions in “Some student grades are missing what can be done?”

Grades are not showing under the correct assignment in the Schoology Gradebook.

Most likely this scenario has happened:

1. The student opens Assignment “A” and tries a few questions.

2. The student then opens Assignment “B” in a new tab or window on the same browser.

3. The student moves back to Assignment “A” and sends the assignment.

In this scenario, scores will appear under Assignment “B” rather than Assignment “A” because scores are sent back for the last opened assignment (Assignment “B” in this case) on the browser as the session is updated.

How can I see when grades were received by the Schoology Gradebook?


1. Go into the Course

2. Go into Gradebook

3. Click the three dots next to the assignment name

4. Click the three dots

5. Click Track Revisions

a. Track Revisions is only available in the Enterprise editions of Schoology

6. Click and Choose the Student

Track Revisions shows as grades are coming in; under "Name” anywhere you see “Anonymous”; that’s Schoology receiving the grade from or any other external tools being used.

Please review this resource:


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